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“Jim Crow Juvenile Justice”

February 16, 2018
We frequently share articles and videos that explore how our work connects to the world around us. This short video from Youth First Initiative is a powerful reminder of our nation’s racial history and how much work remains in the fight for racial and juvenile justice. The Unusual Suspects is

Old friends, new roles

January 31, 2018
Meet Destiny: From Student to Mentor From 2012-2014 Destiny was a student in our programs at Vaughn Middle School. Now as a high school senior, she continues to pursue theatre studies, while supporting current Unusual Suspects students as a Volunteer Mentor. She recently spoke with US about her

From student to mentor, and beyond!

January 22, 2018
Recently we had the honor of interviewing Unusual Suspects alumni, Destiny Cable. We got to know Destiny while she was a student in our Playwriting and Performance programs at Vaughn Middle School from 2012-2014. This summer we were excited to learn that not only is she continuing to pursue her

The TCAP Experience

January 9, 2018
Our Theatre and Culture Access Program (TCAP) connects those who might not otherwise have access to professional theatre, to some of the most impacting and enriching live performances Los Angeles has to offer. Each outing brings together an inter-generational mix of Unusual Suspects students &

2017 Highlights

January 1, 2018
These are just a few of our best memories of 2017. We could go on and on, thinking of the special moments we shared together last year. Thank you to everyone who made 2017 a year to remember. Follow US on Instagram at @USTheatreCo for more exciting photo updates all year

Straight from the Suspects: Their Creative Process

December 30, 2017
The best way to understand what makes The Unusual Suspects programs so powerful is to join the audience for a performance. And the next best way is to watch this short video of our students explaining how they wrote their plays! The Unusual Suspects brought in-depth theatre workshops to over 1200

We’d Like to Introduce You to Olga…

December 27, 2017
    Olga has been a part of The Unusual Suspects for 10 years! She began with our intergenerational Neighborhood Voices Program when her children were young, to build a supportive community for her family. This spring, after years of participating on her own, her husband and sons joined

We Want to Share Jelani’s Poem with You

December 20, 2017
JUROR KING I know how it is when you locked up in the pen Tryna lock a brother up like they committed a evil sin. So I don’t agree with the system Tryna tell me just to listen You locked a little boy up On trial like a grown up. Just fighting for his life On me that ain’t even right. Strike and

It’s Time for a Change

December 19, 2017
    Dear friend, When I attended my first Unusual Suspects performance in 2007, it was clear to me what a special organization this was.  Among its many gifts, The Unusual Suspects allows kids a chance to discover their own voices, and then provides them a place where those voices are

So Much to be Grateful for This Year!

November 15, 2017
Page Plays are Taking the Stage! Page Plays are a celebration of our 10-week playwriting program, and so much more:     First, our youth playwrights lead the audience in warm-ups and games that they’ve learned in the program…   …next, we hear from the students

Mark your calendars!

October 18, 2017
Mark Your Calendars! A Night With US: Supernatural Scenes from the Suspects   Join US Thursday, November 2nd at Three Clubs for an evening of staged readings, cocktails, and conversation hosted by our friend, Tess Paras. No advance tickets, just a $10 suggested donation at the door!  

Building Confidence and Hope

September 29, 2017
  Dear friends, I know there is a lot happening in the world right now. A lot of people are in need, and there are a lot of important issues to support. It can be overwhelming. At the same time, there are too many young people hurting in our city. Too many minors incarcerated in Los Angeles
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