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Become a Volunteer S.T.A.R. Mentor

The Unusual Suspects gives Los Angelenos the opportunity to have fun in a creative atmosphere by mentoring participants in theatre programs at school sites in South Los Angeles and the Northeast San Fernando Valley, as well as probation camps throughout LA County.


Volunteer S.T.A.R. Mentors commit to serving at one site, once-a-week, over a period of 10 weeks, and play a vital role in helping to build a creative, supportive team for playwriting and theatre performance workshops.

Volunteer S.T.A.R. Mentors serve as true role models, exemplifying discipline, enthusiasm, and willingness to take risks in ensemble workshop activities.

Volunteer S.T.A.R. Mentors check in with participants during workshops and actively listen to their needs, supporting creative problem-solving and social-emotional development.

Volunteer S.T.A.R. Mentors participate in reflection meetings; join in fun, engaging theatre exercises; and have opportunities to lead warm-ups and reflective group discussions.

Volunteer S.T.A.R. Mentors are not responsible for enforcing discipline, but actively participate in Arts Ensemble feedback sessions to determine group norms and goals and to strengthen participants’ listening, critical thinking, cooperative learning and social skills. Help support and foster the next generation, and enhance your own personal growth in the process!


What is a Volunteer S.T.A.R. Mentor?
  • A positive communicator and role model
  • A leader who sets high expectations
  • A kind and caring supporter of every participant’s accomplishments
Who Mentors for the Unusual Suspects?
  • People who care about the social and emotional growth of youth and adult participants
  • People who are committed to sharing their love for the arts
  • People who are ready to guide and support participants with consistency
  • People who are able to actively engage with a creative ensemble
What does a Volunteer S.T.A.R. Mentor do?
  • Warm up, vocally and physically with participants as led by a teaching artist team
  • Improvise theatrical scenes with participants, TAs and other mentors
  • Scribe dialogue that students improvise to create their original play
  • Review lines and blocking with participants to get them ready for performances
  • Play theatre games with participants to help them develop team-building skills and more
What should I expect in a 10-week Writing or Performance Workshop?

In the Writing program, students create an original play that culminates in a staged reading, performed by professional actors. In the Performance program, students mount a full theatrical production of the play that they have written.

What is the time commitment?

Volunteer S.T.A.R. Mentors join a 10-week workshop, mentoring once or twice a week for 3-4 hour workshop sessions

Do I need experience in theatre to mentor?

While experience and/or interest in theatre, acting or writing are helpful, it is not necessary. We also welcome Mentors with other interests, such as social work, psychology, community development, and education.

Where are the programs held?

Our programs take place in middle and high schools in South LA, San Fernando, and Pacoima, and at probation camps throughout LA County. You’ll need your own transportation!

But wait, I want to volunteer but can’t commit to a ten-week program!

We can also use your help in the following areas:

  • Staged Reader Volunteer: Perform in a Page Play (a presentation of our participants’ original play by professional actors, performed with scripts in hand).
  • Front-of-House Volunteer: Help with reservations, tickets, refreshments, and ushering.
  • Cast Party Volunteer: Set up pizza party and serve cast.


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