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    2021 Virtually UnUSual Create-A-Thon


    Thank you for your unwavering commitment to The Unusual Suspects and to the Create-A-Thon in particular.
    Please use this page as your toolkit for all things Create-A-Thon 2021.


    • Goal: 100% Board Participation as Prime Suspects with fundraising targets of at least $2,000 each
    • Goal: 100% Board Participation in May 18 Soft Launch, announcing your campaign to your network
    • Goal: Each Board Member achieve 50% of fundraising target prior to June 1 public launch date

    • May 11 – Create-A-Thon Kick-Off Celebration (Stewardship Event)
    • May 18 – Prime Suspect Soft Launch (Individual networks)
    • June 1 – Public Launch of Create-A-Thon (Board at 50% of target)
    • June 30 – Create-A-Thon Celebration to celebrate the campaign and make final push