Seasonal Teacher Trainings

Prior to every season of Fall and Spring programming, USTC hosts Teaching Artist trainings that covers the general duties, responsibilities, and expectations of TAs, as well as the practical tools and knowledge base they will need to understand and succeed in our programming models. 

In-Depth Curriculum Trainings

In addition to break out sessions focused on specific program models during our seasonal trainings, in the future, USTC will be offering in-depth trainings that focused on specific curriculum models in an effort to cover tools, techniques, and obstacles that are unique to each model and population we serve. 

Professional Development Opportunities

From time to time, USTC and other partner organizations, networks, and affiliates (such as AHJN) will offer training opportunities that serve to develop our community of teachers artistically, professionally, and personally. These opportunities will be communicated to TAs when they arise via email by the Programs Team.