Partnerships are key to The Unusual Suspects’ success. We use theatre arts to help build individual resiliency and community strength in neighborhoods where violence is rampant and poverty is high. Our partners help us understand the ways in which we can deploy our theatre arts program to be most responsive and helpful to the specific needs and wishes of the individuals in each unique community.


US is proud to be a founding member of The Arts for Healing and Justice Network (AHJN). AHJN is an interdisciplinary collaborative that provides exceptional arts programming in order to build resiliency and wellness, eliminate recidivism, and transform the juvenile justice system. The only collaborative of its kind for incarcerated youth in California, the innovative, leading-edge approach of AHJN’s arts-education programs holds the promise of becoming a national public/private model. The other founding members of this collaborative network are Armory Center for the Arts, Bold Ink Writers, Coalition for Engaged Education, InsideOut Writers, Rhythm Arts Alliance and Street Poets.


Friends of the Family is a comprehensive family resource center known for pioneering innovative, practical programs where families are recognized as central to a child’s well being and are supported to build on their skills and strengths. US is proud to partner with Friends of the Family to bring our intergenerational Neighborhood Voices community program to residents ages 10 – 65+ to Pacoima since 2009.


An arts education stewarded by a combination of classroom teachers, arts teachers, parents and a collaborative arts community guarantees student access to a world of creative thinking, learning and growing. Through our Arts Community Network, LAUSD supports organizations that enhance our students’ arts education experience.  When we send professional teaching artists directly into the classroom, it transforms the learning environment.  When students visit a museum, theater, concert hall, or cultural institution, they deepen their understanding of our city and our world.


The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH), with a budget of approximately $2.4 billion, is the largest county-operated mental health department in the United States, directly operating programs in more than 85 sites, and providing services through contract programs and LACDMH staff at approximately 300 sites co-located with other County departments, schools, courts and various organizations. Each year, the County contracts with close to 1,000 organizations and individual practitioners to provide a variety of mental health-related services. On average, more than 250,000 County residents of all ages are served every year.


The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH), with a budget of approximately $2.4 billion, is the largest county-operated mental health department in the United States, directly operating programs in more than 85 sites, and providing services through contract programs and LACDMH staff at approximately 300 sites co-located with other County departments, schools, courts and various organizations. Each year, the County contracts with close to 1,000 organizations and individual practitioners to provide a variety of mental health-related services. On average, more than 250,000 County residents of all ages are served every year.


Second largest in the nation, the Los Angeles Unified School District serves over 600,000 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade at over 1,000 schools. The District also has over 200 independently-operated public charter schools, authorized by the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education. Mission: Embracing our diversity to educate L.A.’s youth, ensure academic achievement and empower tomorrow’s leaders. We are L.A. Unified


Mark Ridley-Thomas has distinguished himself as an effective leader for more than two million Second District residents. Supervisor Ridley-Thomas authored and led LA County’s unprecedented effort to end homelessness through Measure H.  He is a board member of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission and LA Care, the nation’s largest publicly operated health plan.


Supervisor Sheila James Kuehl was first elected to represent Los Angeles County’s Third District on November 4, 2014 and was reelected to her second term on November 6, 2018. As a member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and immediate past Chair, she has led the way and worked on a great many initiatives and motions to improve people’s lives and reform systems in the County.


The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools is one of the largest, in-district public school transformation organizations in the United States. We are a non-profit managing 18 LA Unified schools serving approximately 14,00 students, making us about as large as the Santa Monica – Malibu Unified School District.



Thank you to all of our generous supporters for supporting US this past year that make our programs possible!


Arts for Healing & Justice Network (AHJN)
Blue Shield Of California
The Brotman Foundation of California
California Arts Council (CAC)
California Community Foundation (CCF)
California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CA Covid-19 Small Business Relief Fund)
Johnny Carson Foundation
CBS Entertainment
City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA)
The Carol and James Collins Foundation
Comcast/NBC Universal
The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation
Find Your Light Foundation
Fox Corporation
The Franklin Cole Foundation
Friars Charitable Foundation
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Goldman Sachs
The Green Foundation
LA Arts COVID Recovery Fund
The Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation
Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture (LACDAC)
The Lynch Foundation
Meisel & Pesses Family Foundation
Office of 2nd District Supervisor Holly Mitchell
Pearlman Geller Family Foundation
The Rose Hills Foundation
Station OnFullEffect
Venable LLP Foundation
Versa-Style: Performance ∙ Education ∙ Community (VS:P∙E∙C)


Rachel Bloom
David and Julie Borsari
Archie Cubarrubia
Frederick DAmbrosi
Denise Decker
Laura Gowen
Yasmin Guillen
Margaret Hussey
Ariana Jackson
Hedi Jalon
Gregory Johnston
Ryan Jones
Sydney Kamlager-Dove
Victoria Lanier
Michael Lennox
Deborah Lintz
Alison Meisel
Ann Murphy
Diane Neimand
Angela Nissel
Melissa Peterman
Julio Quijada
Meisha Rainman
Karine Rosentha
Decker Sadowski
Sara Scott
Kristina Segesvary
Charity Tran
Kirsten Vangsness
Lesley Wake Webster
Charlotte White
Dawn White

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Jeremy Ackmann Tia Howard Alexa Nieblas Theresa Bragado Jesse Escobar Darcy Juhl Lori Quinn Jennifer Schlung Matt Von Asten Gina Garcia Sharp & Kevin Sharp Kathy Crowe Frank Seed Jaime Becker Zaria Qadafi Jimmy Fanelly Georgina Gonzalez Victoria Quintanar James Russell Lori Schlung Margie Siegel Peter Staloch Amy Abernathy Thomas Ly Ilanna Bavli Elizabeth Bolen Tommy Bowden Kevin Bragado Erin Dale E.C. Fish JM & Tom Gibis Jane Greenwood Michael Grizzi Nanette Hernandez Alexander Hurt II Kristine Locker Molly Mills Thomas Morgan Patricia Moyer Arnold & Carol Sank Brent Armstrong & Justine Friedman Ruben Briones Brandon Crisostomo Cheryl McCartney Mary Jo Pehl Mark Scholz Rebekah Sturm Sarah Baron Michael Bonnabel Christopher Chappell Laura Cole Shannon Collis Sonia Conrad Douglas Dearth Margaret & Todd Doherty Alan Dybner Lauren Enriquez Kristi Evanger Gabriel Garbar Ryan Halprin Lauren Kay Lara Larkin Gavin Leighton Laura Lewis Rebecca & Brad Light Linda Miller Christopher Murphy Anne Marie Nestor Josh Pafchek Ken Roberts Matthew Sanders Greg Sargent Megan Schumacher Chemine Sharpe Santa Sierra Zach Smith Anna Z Angela Dean Pam Spokes Laurie Brickley Xavi Moreno Cenobia Quintanilla Jaimes Timas Ellen Silverman Susan Milrod Anthony Ducret Leslie Ward Annie Frost Amy Hackett Stefanie Hall Paula Jane Hamilton Marc Hattenbach Jena Hoffman Helen Krause Kalyna Maria Kutny Lisa Lindstrom BJ (Brett) & Tanya Markel Aimee Pitta Cheryl Poulsen Joe Quintero Rachel Reed Nancy Riestenberg Stephen Schoenberger Kate Spokes Penny Stangl Rebecca Tantalo Laura Thomas-Mullen Alyssa Unknown Anita Fairman Bernadette Sullivan Garrett & Marie Brown Barbara Cohen Brett Freedman (Beautymark Inc.) Mahal Sourgose Hani Habbas Brett Harrison Maria Ascanio Alexis Barta Zoely Biel Janet Borrus & Chris Grove Derek Bourcy Nicki Broeking Adriana Byington Andrew Calof Angelina Chen Zachary D Cox Matt Creem Adrian Cruz Melissa Darman Matthew & Meredith Davis Zachary Davis Kelsey Denton Kelley Edwards James Engle Sally Fairman & Kevin King Emily Fisher Dana Greenblatt Holli Harms Lori Hartenhoff Julia Herringer Katherine Hickey Sherif Higazy Kim Hungund David Kietzman Adam Kimball Carly Kleinbart Michelle Knudsen Nancy Lipotich Joanne Marter Michael McGrath Cheryl Norcross Jonathan Prettyman Deborah Reed Tyler Reynolds Matthew Rose Douglas Ryan Matthew Schwartz Will Russell Shapiro Rebecca Short Patrick Starr Ross van Dongen Audrey Wasilewski Carley Werts Sean Woods Alex Young Daniel Zajda Pam McKinney Eric Baratta Valerie Utter-Wold Matthew Silverstein Cecilia Beach Wendy Winter Maureen Mueller Allison Blitz Danilo Jacob Garcia Grant Hayes David Horgan Ruby Aviles Spencer Bautista Christopher Beach Frank Delgado Eric Fineman Gary Gilbert Jeffrey Goore Molly & Jon James Dave Jeser Kate Luhr Allison Moore Lauren Plichta Craig H. Scott Andrew Soliman Sean Solis Susanna Styron Brian Williams Chris Schmidt Dino Bovell Judith Lee & David R Brown James Constantine Peggy Davis Elizabeth Finegold Terry Gordon Brooke P Hanson Alison Haskovec Sirena K. Irwin Lynn Malchow Jessica McKay Jordana Oberman Murray Oden & Mary Ramos Andrea Still Katie Zwolski Catherine Adams Adriana Ambriz Cameron Boyle Ashley Brucks Jan Cardon Elaine Chin Jonathan Collier Gonzalo Cordova Robert Daily Marilyn Davis Megan Davis Amee Dolleman Tyler Duddy Myles Erfurth Abigail L Ex Josh Faskowitz Daniel Fiallos Ithamar Francois Sonia Gambaro Callie Hamilton Manal Hammad Jermaine Johnson Danielle Kennedy Gary King Beth Kono Annie Laks Emerlynn Lampitoc C.J. Liao Michelle Lirtzman Sara Lytle David Maurio Mark Milkutowicz Stephen Miller Dave Neustadter Melinda Nishioka Matthew Orlando Ryan Paevey Paul Pasciucco Veronica Penzone Hans Petersen Danielle Reardon Hal Rosenfeld Ashley Jay Sandberg Joan Schlesinger Ellen Schumacher Melinda Smith Keith Szarabajka Judson Wallace Brady Williams Scott & Catherine Curry Williams Jonathan Wu Norman Yung Yael Zinkow Joe Cristalli Karla Winkler Alex Miller Catherine Jensen Michael Lennox Flora DeFilippo Charity Tran Dawn White Christine Harms Matt Davis Diane Neimand Stephanie Harmelin Andrea Hutchman Chris Morgan (Chris Morgan Productions) Natalie Ballesteros Josephina Liang Leonor Silva Sheila Walcott Laura Leigh Hughes Joseph Keyes Daniel Shandling Peter Breitmayer & Michelle Pedersen Laura Gowen Shannon Gans Aaron Janus Steve Solton & Ceci Vajna Jane McCarron Steven Nelson John Spokes Trey Doheny Ryan Hoak Sam Canter Cheryl Cannatti Johanna Byer Fred Davis Mary K Davis Dana Gills Adam Kolbrenner Janet & Eric Lin Rachel O’Connor James Oh Edward Redlich Hannah Robson Greg Shephard Barbara Teal Elizabeth Tippet Bryan Unkeless Scott R. White (C.L. King & Associates) Gregory Johnston Alison Meisel Yasmin Guillen Gaby Allan & Rob Greenberg Terry Friedman Hilary Weisman Graham Tom and Dana Grogan (Grogan Living Trust) Carla Kettner Richard & Dana Kind Jeffrey LaPlante Carolyn A. & Oren Kit Lokey Rhea Seehorn Sean Stratton William Weinstein Melissa Denton & Dana Farner Susie Hackett Amy Andelson Andrea Smith (San Fernando High School) Sonia Kalvert Geraldine Farrell Amy Howard Keith Foglesong Randie & Bobby Harmelin Charles Hayward Katherine Korsh Jacob McKee Diana Mogollon Richard Olshansky Michael Peterson Irwin Rosenfeld Paul Alan Smith Lisa Moxley Sonja Alarr Margaret Denton David Henry Hwang & Kathryn Layng Lenore Trapanese Meisha & Brian Rainman Mo Collins & Alex Bozshwick Skuby Maxine Weil Archie Cubarrubia Hedva Jalon Jacqueline Pachon Karee Sampson Clay Newman Julio Quijada Kala Savage Adam Scott Jennifer Colantuoni Angela Nissel


Tod Carson ⋅ Stephen Christy ⋅ Peter Cramer ⋅ Arnold Cuervo ⋅ Donald Foster ⋅ June H. Koizumi ⋅ Michael & Jan Meisel ⋅  Candi Milo ⋅ Lauren Berman ⋅ Tiffany Hwong ⋅ Robert Atwood ⋅ Alex Black ⋅ Maria Camins ⋅ Ian Cooper ⋅ Annabeth Gish & Wade Allen ⋅ Joyce LaBriola ⋅ Frank Marshall ⋅ Stephen Nathan ⋅ Abigail Sider & David Richard Shayne ⋅ Diego Velasco ⋅ Joe Weil ⋅ Conley Zani ⋅ Charlotte White ⋅ Margaret Hussey ⋅ Kristine Strobeck ⋅ Michael Bagdasarian ⋅ Victoria Lanier (Education Through Music-Los Angeles) ⋅ Denise Decker Ariana Jackson ⋅ Lawrence Garrity ⋅ Frederick DAmbrosi ⋅ Ann Murphy ⋅ Steve Silverman ⋅ Alex Blake ⋅ Maile Flanagan & Lesa Hammett ⋅ Dana Farner & Melissa Denton ⋅ Sadie Hooker ⋅ Sydney Kamlager-Dove ⋅ Michael Ireland


J Scott Apter (Apter Industries) • David and Julie Borsari • Brigitte Hanson • James Horowitz • Audrey & David Lintz • Joseph Trapanese • Stacy Fung • Marsai Martin • Kelly McCormick • Matt Rosen • Peter Sadowski • Karine Rosenthal & Bob Fisher • Rachel Bloom & Dan Gregor • Carol Biondi • Rebecca Liebowitz • Kirsten Vangsness • Brian A Jonason • Sam R & Lynn Scott • Rick & Laurie Ann Stetzer • Lesley Koeppel • Deborah Lintz • Ryan Jones • Kit Pongetti & Mark Stegemann • Timothy Hedrick• Russ & Donna Cashdan • Melissa Peterman & John Brady • Decker Sadowski • Rick Miller • Lesley Wake Webster & AJ Webster • Madeline Cripe • Abby Delattre • Sasha Ryan

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Hector & Carolee Elizondo
“Bruce Greenwood & Susan Devlin”
Reba McEntire (Reba McEntire Fund)
Stephen & Sherie Carroll
Kristina Segesvary
Sara Scott

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Annie & Scott Lukowski
David & Pamela Peterman
Nina Tassler & Jerry Levine


Nancy & Steve Carell

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