Get To Know Our Teaching Artists


Selfie of Teaching Artisit, Jordee Kopanski. Blue background with gold dots scattered on the border.
My first theatre experience was playing a cheetah in a school play in first grade. The first graders didn't get lines but by second grade I was ready to have my first lines as a bumblebee! I remember my favorite one was telling a nosy butterfly, "That's none of your beeswax!" 
I'm most excited about seeing how far my Alumni students have come! They're only getting better and better and I'm loving seeing them push themselves out of their comfort zones and continuing to excel at improvising! 
Selfie of Teaching Artist Shereen Macklin, with blue frame around image. Image text: Shereen Macklin
My first experience performing was during a hot summer in NYC’s Police Athletic League’s program. I was 9 years old and we learned a choreographed dance to King Just’s “Warrior’s Drum”. We wore jean shorts, white t-shirts, and white sneakers (I thought it was so cool to coordinate our costumes) and performed in Central Park. I was hooked in for life!
I’m so excited to see how our students will bring their stories of love, peace, and justice for all to life in our Spring Alumni program! 



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My first introduction to the arts was through church (shout out to Zoe Christian Fellowship!). I was in my mid-teens and a small group of us were tasked to write a poem around a particular biblical theme for an evening service. It was intimate yet liberating. It was then that I started to become more attracted to the spoken word and poetry form. Since then, I decided to make a commitment to take my artistic journey forward. 

I'm looking forward to students in our VAST program building community with creative check-ins and games.

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I started performing as a child at churches, pageants, and festivals as a ventriloquist before eventually finding my way into film and television. As an actor, I've been on networks such as CBS, NBC, and Comedy Central. 


I have also enjoyed being a teacher for the past ten years. As a teaching artist, I specialize in social-emotional learning and neurodiverse youth. I am very excited to be returning to Jordan’s VAST program!