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    Meet Edwin…

    Edwin is a young man we met at a juvenile jail last summer. One night, fueled by alcohol, Edwin and his friends had taken things too far. They were charged with destruction of property and arson which led to Edwin’s incarceration. While serving his sentence, he attended our playwriting program and found a group of young men sharing their stories. Over the next 10 weeks, those strangers became an ensemble and created The Lost Disciple, a play about two brothers, one firmly entrenched in gang life and the other struggling to find his path. The connection to these characters is strong for Edwin. He is now attending Pasadena Community College studying mechanical engineering and plays in a ska band. To make ends meet, he works part-time as a cook.


    We are grateful that Edwin will share his experiences at our upcoming gala and would love for you to hear more of his story. All year, The Unusual Suspects provide highly trained teaching artists to youth like Edwin in extremely challenging situations. We create a place where these young people can explore choices, try on new roles, and develop the confidence and support they need to thrive.


    With the current uncertainty of public funding, our kids need your support more than ever. Join US on May 2 at our 9th Annual Gala: Be Unusual.  If you can’t attend, consider a tax deductible contribution to help young people like Edwin pursue a positive path in life. Together we can protect vital arts spaces where children can create, imagine and flourish!

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    Join US!
    The Unusual Suspects 9th Annual Gala: Be Unusual
    Honoring Kirsten Vangsness & Markese Freeman
     May 2nd @ The Millennium Biltmore Hotel
    $125 for dinner, drinks and a show!

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    100% of the proceeds from this evening directly support our intensive, immersive, inclusive theatre-arts programs happening all year long.  Click here for details on sponsorships & tribute ads.

    Our next FREE SPRING PERFORMANCE of 2017 is here!
    Chemicals Inside Me
    Written and Performed by Students at Maclay Academy of Social Justice
    Friday, April 7th at 6:00pm
    12540 Pierce Avenue | Pacoima, CA 913331

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    The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company believes every young person deserves to be seen, heard and understood. Through collaborative workshops, we work deeply to empower the hardest to reach communities to tell their stories together leading to self-discovery, a sense of belonging, and the building of stronger families and communities.

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