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    Our Program Does Something Special – Central Juvenile Hall Campaign

    By Unusual Suspects Theatre Company 6 years agoNo Comments


    Our program does something special.

    Earlier this year, an incarcerated young man named Jean Carlos had this to say:

    “When I lived on the streets, I was taught to have no emotions, and not trust anybody. It was different here. We had that trust, we had that bonding, and it just grew every day. I never really knew there were people in the world that care about other people, that share their feelings and what they’ve gone through. They’re willing to share their emotions, willing to just love people that are known as criminals. We are young men too.”


    In 1998, The Unusual Suspects first brought their uniquely powerful style of healing to the boys incarcerated at Central Juvenile Hall.

    Since those early workshops, thousands have been challenged, believed in, and provided tremendous opportunity through our programs. This month, we are honored to be returning to the facility where it all began.  On top of that, LA County Probation Department has asked us to work in three additional sites this year

    If we’re being honest, while we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to expand our work with these incarcerated youth, it was unexpected. There are so many kids that need us, but we can’t do it alone.
    We need to raise $15,000 to close the funding gap and are asking for your help! 

    Your contribution will give dozens of incarcerated teens just like Jean Carlos the opportunity to grow, trust and write their own future this year. 

    Can they count on you?


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