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    In Their Words

    Touch on the picture of a story box below to read individual reflections of participants in the US programs.

    “The program really helped my kids express themselves and be more confident. They came out of their shell; not only to their cast members, but to me as well, and vice versa. It helped them communicate a lot more with me. It brought our family closer together, as we did something as a family. It felt amazing to hear my daughter say, “Mommy, you did great,” and me letting her know the same thing, and hearing her thanking me for doing this with her.”
    – Brenda, Adult Participant

    “Most people think of us as young criminals that are going to hit the penitentiary one day. For some of us that’s sadly true. But still you guys came in and turned a bunch of gang-bangin’ criminals into big kids having fun. A lot of us did not have ‘normal’ childhoods, so for you to come in and let us be young again, means a lot to me and the other guys.”
    – DeAndre, Probation Camp Youth Participant

    “I enjoyed the whole program. I enjoyed the exercises… I learned not to be shy in front of everybody, especially in a group project, because everybody is going to be doing the same thing. And I learned to be more comfortable. I learned how to speak in front of people. I enjoyed you guys coming here and I wish we had a longer time to spend with you guys.”
    – Ashlee, Probation Camp Youth Participant

    “This program has helped me gain self-confidence, it’s helped me find my voice, and it’s helped me feel empathy for others, and know that I’m not the only one in this world.”
    – Kcrishel, 13

    “The experience with the US program had a great influence on me. I am better able to deal with my anger in a constructive manner. The program helped me realize that I have a great deal of potential in Theatre. I now have more confidence with my studies and other activities that I do. The Unusual Suspects program has given me the tools to succeed in my academic as well as personal life. It has helped me to become a positive role model for others who experience similar difficulties.”
    – Bryant, Vista del Mar Child Family Services Youth Participant

    “I appreciate you guys for your support. I learned… to have patience. It’s hard for me. I want everything fast, but it doesn’t happen fast all the time, it takes time. I appreciate you guys. I hope you come back.”
    – Jasmine, Probation Camp Youth Participant