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    We value our TAs labor in and out of the classroom. We value our TAs artistic endeavors and understand that we hire TAs who are artistic professionals and commit to working flexibly so they can continue to engage with their artistry, while introducing their art to students through The Unusual Suspects. We are transitioning immediately from a deficient mindset to empowering abundant language with our funders and donors, as well as the communities we serve. 

    Some action steps the Programs Team is implementing are below:

    • Exploring flat and other alternative organizational models. Interviewing organizations that have adopted a flat model and other models.
    • Examining and researching the efficacy of part-time staffing models for Teaching Artists.
    • Defining measurable actions that can be implemented to improve the current TA staffing model.
    • Forming a curriculum development think tank of paid positions, and utilizing the Social Justice Standards, Equity Standards, and any other resources available that are anti-colonial, anti-racist, and abolistionist to create a revised curriculum that will be implemented both as we go forward with programming and while we talk about our work moving forward.
    • Identifying and contracting with outside curriculum development designers to be a part of, and contribute to, the think tank.
    • Generating a weekly communication and sending it each week to TAs, staff, Board Of Directors members, and Advisory Committee members, together with Programs and Development & Communications staff members.
    • Quarterly meetings with staff, TAs, and The Board to ensure our mission, vision, and strategic plan are in alignment.
    • Communicating, with documents, our official pay scale for TAs with defined parameters of advancement.
    • Identify and pay the Create A Thon TAs who generated content for advertising
    • Committing to continuing the hiring of Latinx, African American, SWANA, Peoples of the Global Majority and bilingual local artists.