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    They See/I See

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    They See / I See

    “What people see when they look at me
    is my dark skin
    She’s my best friend
    If bruised she may turn blue
    But nevertheless she’s the perfect shade of hue
    What they don’t know about me is
    I didn’t always love the skin I’m in.
    It took some years to face my fears.
    And now my love for myself has no end.
    What I see in myself
    Is self power and mental wealth
    I see that I’m my own best friend
    And I wouldn’t change for the world
    The skin I’m in.
    The skin I’m in.”

    – written by an incarcerated young woman in our program at Central Juvenile Hall 

    Dear friend,

    We are proud to be a founding member of the Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network. In 2016, The Unusual Suspects brought theatre arts education and mentorship to over 200 incarcerated youth, many of who are victims of human trafficking and suffering from deep emotional trauma.

    While the network provides a vehicle for accessing public dollars, and an influential collective voice for systemic change, honestly it does not provide full funding for our services. human trafficking and suffering from deep emotional trauma.

    To insure our ability to continue bringing in-depth, high quality programs to young people struggling to be heard, we need your support today. 

    A gift of any amount strengthens the vital healing and rehabilitation our theatre workshops provide and gets us closer to a world where we can all see the best in each other.

    Thank you for your support,

    Support US

    Did you know …

    For as little as $10/month you can provide healthy snacks during our workshops to feed creative minds and bodies.

    For $20/month you can support specialized training for additional volunteers to give our youth all the support and attention they deserve.

    During this season of giving, learn more about becoming a Monthly Sustainer and change lives with US all year long! 

    Sustain US

    The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company believes every young person deserves to be seen, heard and understood. Through collaborative workshops, we work deeply to empower the hardest to reach communities to tell their stories together leading to self-discovery, a sense of belonging, and the building of stronger families and communities.


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