Spring Programs 2023

Voices for Arts & Social Theatre (VAST) Enrichment Program

Hundreds of students participate in our in-class theatre workshops during their school day where USTC teaching artists work alongside the classroom teacher to help groups of students collaborate to create and perform short theatre pieces through improvisation, rewriting, editing, and rehearsing.

Teaching Artists on Site: Kat Lopez, Marie Osterman, & Dani Schlenker

Voices from Inside Program (VIP)

Provided in partnership with Arts for Healing Justice Network (AHJN), VIP offers healing-informed, standards-based theatre-arts education and mentoring for incarcerated, system-engaged, and trauma-impacted minors. 

Teaching Artists on Site: Marcus Baldwin & Marie Osterman

Teaching Artists on Site: Marcus Baldwin & Bonnie Kaplan

Youth Theatre Residency Program (YTRP)

Our cornerstone Youth Theatre Residency Program offers underserved and incarcerated youth experiential theatre-arts education and mentorship via two, back-to-back, 10-week after-school workshops. Led by professional teaching artists, youth in our workshops collaborate to create and perform an original play born out of their shared hopes and fears.

Teaching Artists on Site: Monique Sypkens & Marcus Baldwin