We Are


In the fall of 2021, The Unusual Suspects faced a turning point of organizational transformation spurred by The Unusual Suspects Teaching Artist Council, a group demanding the necessary change of our organization and a public commitment to anti-racist and anti-colonial practices. We have created this page to share our commitment to this necessary work, not just through words but action. We share this publicly for transparency and accountability.

We plan to regularly update this page in order to be open and transparent with our participants and their families, our donors and supporters, and the community at large about the tangible steps that we must and are taking to create an equitable and sustainable future for The Unusual Suspects. Through it all, our focus will always be on the youth and participants we serve. We thank you for joining us on this journey of learning, intentional growth, and radical transformation.


For over 28 years, we have partnered with communities across Los Angeles to provide young people from under-resourced neighborhoods the opportunity to discover their unique voices by expressing themselves through theatre. 

Our goal has always been to help make the world a more hopeful, equal, and safe place. In recent weeks, our Teaching Artists have brought it to the Board’s attention that there is more work to be done to nurture and serve the well-being of our students, families, Teaching Artists and Staff. We must not only create a space where youth from diverse backgrounds can feel seen, heard, and known, but ensure the spaces we create take into consideration the institutional barriers that impact their everyday lives.

We know that systemic racism permeates our communities. That is why The Unusual Suspects is committed to providing curricula that is informed by anti-racist, abolitionist, and anti-colonial principles and offering ample resources to our students, families, Teaching Artists and Staff to support their needs.

Tearing down the structures of inequality begins at home. To that end, we are actively working to improve communications around our organization’s operations, decision-making and programming development among our Teaching Artists and Staff. Because the more we communicate and collaborate, the better our programming, and the better we can serve our shared community.

As we continue to grow and evolve, the Unusual Suspects is working to further integrate these principles into the fabric of our organization. Stay tuned over the coming months to learn more about what we’re doing to support this mission.

The Unusual Suspects Board of Directors