USTC is bringing the theatre magazine back to Los Angeles! 

Produced in editorial partnership with Stage Raw, DEVISE showcases articles, interviews, and advertisements geared toward the nurturing and support of the next generation of artists. We give free license for our writers to discuss the topics they are eager to investigate or the feelings they are burning to share about their work, the industry, and more.

With a projected circulation of 30,000+ per issue both digital and in-print, DEVISE aims to bridge the generational gap between theatre-makers and audiences, distributing it free to spaces for all youth interested in the theatre scene in Los Angeles. In addition, USTC has announced a coalition of theatre companies to work in partnership as an extended distribution resource. In recognition, the magazine serves as a free promotional space for those theatre companies interested in announcing their work. 


Come take part in the renaissance! We are more than ever, determine to nurture and support the next generation of artists and would love your support! By joining our coalition, you have access to free advertising in each publication (Venues with more than 500 seats receive one full-page AD, and venues with 499 seats or less receive 1/2-page AD). You will also have access to be shared within the community. With the power of the collective as our magic, we are committed to building something strong together! 

With a projected circulation of 30,000+ per issue, DEVISE aims to intentionally engage Gen-Z writers and readers in an effort to bridge the generational gap between theatre-makers, their audiences, and a new generation of creators and attendees that could greatly support outreach and participation efforts by theatre companies and venues in the greater Los Angeles area.


As we celebrate 30 years of service in LA County with 15,000 workshops completed, we seek to raise the bar of excellence for our arts-based education and intervention programming. Having reached over 45,000 youth in LA County since 1993, USTC believes that the future of theatre lives in Los Angeles and asserts that the young people in our service communities have the talent to make extraordinary art if given the opportunity. We have witnessed the power of how youth who can identify and leverage their innate talents to build creativity, confidence, and essential lifelong skills by providing a platform for uncensored self-expression. Furthermore, USTC has committed to its growth and impact in its communities by significantly redeveloping its services, raising the quality of its residencies, workshops, and conservatory, all to eventually be housed in a public, multi-purpose hub in Pasadena.