Introducing Teaching Artist Marcus Baldwin

In honor of starting the fall season, we’d like to take a moment each week to introduce our Teaching Artist staff via our social media platforms and our website to welcome our new teaching artists staff to The Unusual Community. 

Meet one of our new Teaching Artists, Marcus Baldwin! Before becoming one of our Teaching Artists, Marcus interned with TheUnusual Suspects back in 2019 during our summer internship program supporting our Program team during the season. Marcus Baldwin is an Actor and Teaching Artist based in the Los Angeles area. Working in both the Film/TV and nonprofit worlds, he gained valuable experience from his roles in Dhar Mann Studios productions and as a Program Manager for Sages & Seekers. He trained as an actor with the British American Drama Academy and earned a BFA from the California Institute of the Arts. Marcus is passionate about using his creative toolset to reach and uplift communities in need. He feels honored to work with the Unusual Suspects, and looks forward to learning more from this opportunity and from his wonderful students! We’re happy to welcome him back to The US team this time as a teaching artist.