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    2020 Summer Alumni Program

    A summer intensive, US’ 2020 Summer Alumni Program incorporates US’ unique, core theatre arts curriculum, providing opportunity youth (ages 16-26) with continued engagement as they transition to the next stage of their life, including mentorship as they prepare for careers, education and beyond. This program is critical in setting the stage for those who are typically disconnected from education and the workforce and lack the necessary support networks – social, financial, and familial – that allow them to participate in activities or opportunities that would enable them to succeed. Ultimately, our Alumni Program is a stepping stone for a fully realized Alumni Program that is a self-sustaining, Alumni-led theatre ensemble and youth leadership hub for opportunity youth to gain access to educational, career and other pathways.

    For more information on how US has engaged Alumni over the years, read below.

    Building Relationships

    The Unusual Suspects strives to take our services to the next level by offering a free program for youth who have participated and completed a youth theatre residency program with us. The goal of the Alumni Services Program is to build on the relationships formed during the workshops and offer support services to alumni members by linking them to resources within their community.

    Reaching Goals

    After participating in this program, our youth will have access to opportunities including internships, reunions, Summer Alumni Programs and special events. We are here to help our youth reach their goals, whatever they may be!

    To read about some of our US Alumni and what they are currently doing, click HERE.

    Achieving Greatness

    When participants complete a program, they become official US Alumni receiving a Certificate of Completion outlining community service hours they accumulated by participating. They will also receive an alumni packet containing a letter from the Executive Director, a DVD of their staged reading/performance to share with friends and family, a copy of the script they wrote/performed, an Unusual Suspects t-shirt, and a personalized letter from their teaching artists.

    It is important to The Unusual Suspects that we keep in touch with our alumni. There are several ways to stay involved after the program ends

    Alumni Reunion

    Shortly after we say goodbye, we invite our alumni to spend an afternoon with their Teaching Artists and Volunteer Mentors, where we play their favorite theater games, watch the DVD from their show, and enjoy some popcorn and snacks.

    Internship Opportunities

    Alumni have the opportunity to become an intern with The Unusual Suspects, where they can build their resume by working at our central office or volunteering at the workshops. Some of our alums have even become paid teaching artists with our organization.

    Lunch on US

    When youth participants who were formerly incarcerated contact us upon release, The Unusual Suspects will coordinate a time to take them out to lunch, along with their Teaching Artists and Volunteer Mentors, providing an opportunity for us to check in and provide our alums with guidance and support during their time of transition.

    Work/Community Resources

    Youth in need of a job or someone to talk to can find resources on our quick reference list, included in the alumni packet they receive at the conclusion of their program. Specialized services, along with referrals to specific contacts at each organization, are provided for each community we serve.

    Summer Alumni Program

    The Unusual Suspects offers intensive performance programs every summer at various locations in the greater L.A. area, open to all Unusual Suspects alumni. Participants produce a script written by youth in a previous US program, and are given an opportunity to act, sing, dance, design, crew, and stage manage a full play.

    Master Classes

    Alumni interested in learning more about theatre have the opportunity to take advanced-level classes at local L.A. venues, where professionals in acting, directing, technical design, and theatre management teach our alums more of what they’ll need to know if they are looking to pursue a career in the arts.

    Special Events

    We invite our alumni to take field trips with US to professional theatre productions, music concerts, and other artistic outings, such as The Odyssey Theatre and The L.A. Chamber Orchestra.

    Recommendation Letters

    We do everything we can to help our alums get into college. If they need a recommendation letter for scholarships or applications, we’ll be happy to write one.


    PLEASE MAKE SURE to let us know if you have changed your address, phone number or email address because we would like to have your MOST updated information so that we can inform you of future events and/or opportunities! Contact OR 323-739-0768. We always want to know how you’re doing and what we can do to help. If US has made a difference in your life, use the button below to share your story and encourage others!